Hardcore Rocker (rainbowsmiles) wrote in militarysingles,
Hardcore Rocker

Name Kayla
Age 22
Sex female
Branch (if military, if not, preffered branch?) I am ROTC Army right now....so Uhm soon to be Army, I guess. LOL
Location Alabama
Job (again, if military) psych.
other interests Anything outdoors, having fun, drinking, learning, etc etc. Just ask me...That's what's fun about getting to know someone!

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Here I am pouting because I got tossed in the pool.
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ROTC, eh? I gather you're planning on becoming an officer?
That is my original plan. . . But it looks like I will end up enlisting soon. . . I can't afford to live and I am slowly starving to death. *seriously* ~lol~ So I will prolly enlist and work my way through. . . I have did my research so prolly after this semester I will enlist and do it that way.

*btw* I saw ur picture, you are quite the handsome one. . . but I always had a weak spot for marines.